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Ismertető szöveg: The most famous is the Café New York situated in a 19th century Art Nouveau townhouse of palatial proportions. The café's opulent interiors and literary associations have endowed it with near mythical status. Like other cafés, it was originally popular with writers for purely practical reasons: it offered a warm refuge from cold rented rooms that they could scarcely afford - and paper and ink were gratis. Though today you're likelier to rub shoulders with fellow tourists rather than struggling scribes, the New York still counts editors of literary magazines among its habitués. When the café first opened, one of Hungary's most famous playwrights of the last century, Ferenc Molnár, and his colleagues tossed its key into the Danube so that its doors might never shut. Which means you can still enjoy a steaming hot cappuccino accompanied by a plate of somlói galuska, a triad of creamy, chocolatey dessert dumplings, or a host of other luscious offerings.

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