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The information below is intended for those who want to contact the Department of E-library Services (the developer of this Digital Archive of Pictures), or can support the growth of the collection with money or by other ways, or happen to offer pictures to the archive, or should like to link an image or a group of images. You may write your opinion or suggestions regarding this service directly into our Guest book (with name or anonymously).

If you have questions about how to use this site, please write to the address; these e-mails are usually answered within a few hours. Should you encounter technical difficulties, please inform us of the following: the type of the operation system and the browser you use, and the nature of the problem along with the displayed error message. We can help you much faster and more accurately if you provide these data in your letter.

The Digital Archive of Pictures is supported by the non-profit Association for the Hungarian Electronic Library. Individuals and institutions both can become members of the Association and can provide financial support for the digital reproduction and distribution of Hungarian cultural and scientific documents either by the membership dues or voluntary donations. You may find more information on this page (available only in Hungarian).

There is a short notice about the fair use rules of the pictures in this archive under the Felhasználási feltételek link at the top of every "image page". With the exception of the documents published under a Creative Commons license, you have to get permission from the owner of the original picture if you would like to upload it to a server or to re-publish it in any other digital or printed form. However you are free to make links either to individual images or to groups of them. The recommended short URL address is shown on every "image page" (e. g.; this is the best for a remote link, because on this page the user can see the image or images (in case of multipart documents) together with the descriptive metadata. Beside this you may link individual image files as well: just click on the "NORMÁL" or "NAGY" words under the thumbnail pictures and copy the address of the new window.

Linking groups of documents is also possible with the help of the quick search function. For example:íszlet**&type=térképátus

Linking a subcollection:ózsef_fotói

Digital images are welcome if they are in conformance with our thematic criteria of acquisition and if we can get permission to make them available publicly (for more information see the About us menu item on the homepage). Such offers can be send also to the mailbox, or to the postal address of the Department of Digital Content Development and Services: Orszagos Szechenyi Konyvtar, H1014 Hungary, Budapest, Dozsa Gyorgy ter 4-5-6. Phone: (36)-1-224-3741 Fax: (36)-1-202-0804